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Feedback from schools

Australian Schools Workshop 2017

The organisation of the event is very professional. Staff are always keeping an eye on appointment and hour of meetings, Great attention to detail. Thanks for another great workshop.

West Moreton Anglican College

Many thanks for a wonderful event last week. It had the best quality contacts of any event of this nature I have attended. We look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future.

Concordia Lutheran College

Thank you, it was a wonderful experience, and it was well organised.

Blackfriars Priory School

Thank you for inviting us to be part of the Australian Schools Workshop. David was very complimentary about the useful connections we have made and the professionalism of the event. Thank you again.

Kardinia International College

Thank you for a very successful workshop - I liked the format and found that we were able to have some excellent meetings and also networking among schools.

Aquinas College

It was wonderful to meet with you and to make contacts with some agents from recruitment markets; both new and old. Great mix of agents from various countries.

St Leonard's College

Thank you for all your help. I was very pleased with the new contacts I made at the workshop. You did a magnificent job, as usual!

Citipointe Christian College International

Well organised and will participate again.

Macquarie Grammar School

Thanks, another great workshop.

St Paul's School

The workshop is always organised very well. Thank you

Saint Stephen's College

Australian Schools Workshop 2016

Thank you very much for providing the opportunities like this. Your advice in terms of now to prepare for the event was very detailed and helped us a lot.

Mackillop College

Most impressed with overall organisation

West Moreton Anglican College

Well done, thank you!

Whitefriars College

Thank you, it was productive, I look forward to joining your events in future!

Australian International Education Consortium (AIECG)

Excellent Workshop. Very well organised.

Concordia Lutheran College

Value for money was good.

Saint Stephen's College

Thank you -a very well organised Workshop

Blackfriars Priory School

Australian Schools Workshop 2015

The Workshop was exceptionally well run and managed.

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

I appreciated the opportunity to participate in Melbourne recently and have had a number of follow-ups since with some of the agents.

St Paul's School

It was a good event, we appreciate all that you are trying to do for schools.

Immanuel College

The workshop booklet was fantastic to work with. Very clearly set out & useful tool for notes & follow up. It was very useful when agents had done their research on our school before meeting with us.

Masada College

Thank you once again for allowing us to participate in your event, it was useful for us.

Eltham College

We find that your workshop was very professionally organised. Also the services that you and your people delivered was nothing short of great empathy and care. We are looking forward to your next event.

Pal Buddhist School

Well done! Thank you for your help and expertise!

Mercedes Colleges

Thank you for your support before and at the event. It was very well organised, the venue was good and food was excellent.

Tasmanian Government Schools

Thank you – it was very well organised.

Victorian Government Schools

Australian Schools Workshop 2014, Brisbane

This is my second time and it is gets better and better. I am leaving today very excited about the new contacts I have made + the wonderful opportunities that await.

Mersedes College

This is my second Australian Schools Workshop and I find this valuably in my overall recruitment strategy.

St John's Anglican College

Well organised and productive. Thanks.

St Augustine's College Sydney

Wonderful organisation. I can say we plant the seeds and we will be looking forward for the harvest.

St Maroun's College

Great benefit in meeting people from other schools + networking

Masada College

Very well organised – the ladies were very helpful in troubleshooting – very proactive.

Kormilda College

Please accept my thanks and appreciation to all the work put in by you and your team to make the workshop a success. I look forward to working with you again on future endeavours.

Education Queensland International (EQI) / Queensland Government Schools

Thank you for organising the event. We really enjoyed it and found it a worthwhile event. The venue was lovely and the food superb – thanks again.

Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School

Thank you for an excellent and efficient workshop. Well done!

Whitefriars College

Australian Schools Workshop 2013

It was an excellent event as always. It is great to see the increased interest from both schools and agents.

Department for Education and Child Development (South Australian Government Schools)

We enjoyed our time and found the contacts useful. This was our first time talking with agents directly as in the past we had someone else do the direct legwork for us. Thanks for the work you put in; more similar events would be helpful.

Mueller College

Positive experience and organisation was well done! Valuable contacts for new markets.

Australian Boarding Schools International

Very well organised and friendly, like our School!

Macquarie Grammar School

A great event again! Well done!

Saint Stephen's College

It was a well run Workshop which should be a success for us, at Mercedes College.

Mercedes College

2012 Australian Schools Workshops

Thank you for a fantastic workshop - I believe that we were able to establish some strong contacts that will hopefully strengthen our presence in some key markets.

Government Schools Tasmania

We were very pleased with this workshop and appreciate all your coordination and efforts.

Fahan School

It is the first time we have participated and I enjoyed the workshop and found the agents all very promising. Please let me know when you are holding the next one.

St Paul's School

Congratulations, it was a very well organised event as always. It was very good to meet agents from a wider range of countries this year.

South Australian Government Schools

I enjoyed the meetings and found it very positive.

The Hills Grammar School

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I enjoyed the event and am hopeful that I have made some good contacts.

Mentone Girls' Grammar School

Thank you. I am hopeful we have connected with one or two of the agents and we will be of mutual benefit in the future to each other.

Ipswich Girls' Grammar School

Thank you, it was a lovely experience.

Tintern Schools

2010-2011 Australian Schools Workshops

It was my pleasure to participate in such a well run event! Your attention to detail was most impressive.

I was very impressed with the quality of Agents present. I met with a number of Agents in potentially "niche markets" and will follow through promptly with these people to explore possibilities.

Billanook College

Very impressed with organization and quality of entire workshop. Workshop has exeeded my expectations. Congratulations.

International Education Services, Department of Education & Children's Services, South Australia

The workshop has been very usefull to me as we are just entering the market regarding finding agents for international students. It has also been very useful to meet other schools representatives.

Nunawading Christian College

Excellent workshop. Very worthwile and well organized. It was good to talk with agents that are specialising in schools.

The Friends' School

This is my first time at such event and the experience has been invaluable. I've made good contacts and learned many things.

PLC Armidale

It was a pleasure joining the Australian Schools Workshop. The workshop provided me to meet our potential clients in targeted markets including China, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Uniworld Colleges

Congratulations on your good work. The connection with the agents will surely be advantageous for all parties.

St. Paul's International College

For your information I have already conducted 2 tours today for agents who took the time to come and see our school. Another tour is booked for Friday. This is all thanks to you.

Lilydale Adventist Academy

Feedback from agents

Australian Schools Workshop 2017

Thank you. The event helps to get to know schools for my students as well as building up relationships with schools that we have been working with.

CISR China Limited, China

The event was held in the best way it could be the atmosphere there was amazing. So many useful connections and contacts were made. I am lucky to take part in this workshop.

Freeway Study. Intesol Russia

Thank you for organising this event! This event has proved to be a fruitful one for our agency. I was able to sign up with some schools which will help our work greatly.

TPNL, Bangladesh

Thank you for arranging the workshop, and I was very pleased to meet quality schools.

IES Sydney, China/Taiwan

I had a productive two days, and I will definitely attend in your future events.

AEC Education & Migration, China

Thank you very much, it was a great opportunity to meet with some high school representatives.

Advisory Centre for Australian Education, China/Hong Kong

Thank you very much for inviting me to the workshop. It is beneficial; I met some interesting schools. I highly appreciate good organisation of the event.

ISES - International Student Exchange Services, China

Thank you for hosting the Australian Schools Workshop! I enjoyed it and found it useful!

Saigontourist Travel Service Company, Vietnam

Very much excited to attend this event grabbed so much knowledge about diversity and school management, curriculum and tuition fees, would love to attend in future as well.

Girnar Global, India

Thank you for organising this event. It was helpful. Now we plan to visit the schools we have met at the event.

IS Education Consultant, Taiwan

I appreciate the good organisation of the events. I hope to join next meeting if possible.

GMT Global, South Korea

We would like to attend this type of event more often and meet more schools.

AEC Education and Migration, China

Australian Schools Workshop 2016

This event is an efficient way to catch up with schools and update my knowledge of their programs.

Deow, Japan

We really enjoyed the Workshop and found it useful and productive.

ABG Education, China

Well organised event, I found it useful, thank you.

InterStudy, Russia

The event is so successful and we look forward to join again next time. Thank you for your work!

Han Hua Education & Migration Group, China

Great event, thank you!

Overseas Education Services, Sri Lanka

Thanks for the organizers to organize such good event for our agent. It helps us find quality partners.. We really feel pleased and grateful for this opportunity!

Asia Pacific Education Consultants, India

Met some good schools and solved some students' problems. Thank you.

I.S. Education Consultancy, Taiwan

Thank you, I enjoyed the event and I had many productive meetings.

Just Intercambios, Brazil

Australian Schools Workshop 2015

I came with the list of students / parents seeking specific schools. I am glad that I was able to get to know the schools that met the requirements of my students / parents. It is a great event. Thank you.

Centre for International Students & Recruitment, China

Thank you very much for the workshop in Melbourne. I was my first participation and it was really interesting for me. I wanted to congratulate you for the organization, everything was very well done!

Sejours Home Abroad, France

Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to participate in this workshop.

Abroad Study Down Under, Germany

It was a pleasure to meet schools during the workshop at Australia! Meeting schools puts me in a better position to do my work work well in the highly competitive market. I was very impressed with some programs and I would love to have a chance to work with them in future.

Taida International Education Services, Taiwan

Very good workshop!

Interlearn, Chile

Thank you so much for arranging this workshop, it was very beneficial for our company.

IES Sydney

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet so many great schools during the workshop in Melbourne! please keep me posted if there are any events in the future!

Nova Culture & Education Consulting, China

The workshop allowed us to meet private schools which we can work with for study abroad or study tour programs.

Carelink Asia Training, Philippines

Thank you for your kind assistance. It was a very productive event.

Wisdom Education, China

I did really enjoy the event and gained a lot of useful information.

IEMC Global, Vietnam

Thank you very much for all the work. This workshop is well organized and very helpful to us.

SinoCredit Migration, China

Well, I've thoroughly enjoyed this and I manage get a lot of useful information to recruit students from overseas.

Cambridge Educational Services, India

Thanks you for inviting us, attending the workshop helps us a lot.

Servlight Consultants, China, Hong-Kong

Thanks and it was definitely great to be on board.

CAAN World Consultants, India

Australian Schools Workshop 2014, Brisbane

Organisation is excellent and personal. School attendants are mostly friendly and understanding,. The variety of schools attending is satisfying.

Can-Achieve Education Consultants, China

It was a very beneficial Workshop. Thank you very much for inviting me.

Intact, Czech Republic

We have happy experiences on this workshop and collected more schools information which we need. Thank you for your event.

Super Wisdom International Education Services, China, Taiwan, Australia

Thank you for my most enjoyable two days last Thursday and Friday. What a lovely venue it was, wasn’t it! I met so many very nice people, it was a pleasure to be part of it. Now the hard work really starts!!

Meridien Migration Australia, Italy, Austrlia

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to join. It was very well organised and a great event for us to expand our education agency into the secondary school sector.

Air Energi Pacifica, Papua New Guinea

Very well organised, very keen partners. Thank you!

STS Foundation, Europe and Australia

It is a good Workshop for me to participate in. It is not too big, it is useful and convenient.

EAA Edulink – Au Uc My International Education Investment, Vietnam

Thanks a lot for the Workshop, it was very productive.

Will World Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Australia

We have a good workshop and we believe that we will have more students in near future. Keep in touch and look forward to having the next event.

DS Education Centre, Hong Kong, Austrlia

Thanks for organising the event, it was a pleasure to attend!

Studying Down Under & Kanada, Germany

The event was great, it was worth attending.

Discovery Education, Brazil, Australia

Australian Schools Workshop 2013

I really liked the Workshop, thanks a lot for everything. I am looking forward to send students to Australian schools.

Educaustralia, Colombia

The workshop was very useful for our business. I met with some very good schools and I am looking forward to work with them. You have done such a great job in organising the event.

Ned Education Development, Vietnam

Organised well. Nice hotel, quality schools. Very good!

Beijing Eduglobal Development, China

Good event, nice contacts. Very good and supportive organisation team Thank you!

Intercultural, Brasil

Thank you very much for your kind support. The workshop was nice and really useful for our business. Thank you again and look forward to participating next chance!

MyStage, Japan

You thank you for the beautiful organisation.

Study Australia Coordination, North Africa

2012 Australian Schools Workshops

Thanks for for a great couple of workshops - well done!

Apart from having a good time at both conferences I also spent valuable time there, making some very important contacts for the future that I would not have otherwise made. Yes, I've already identified a few schools that we will definitely be looking to send students to.

Aventure Linguistique, (Switzerland)

Thank you very much to you for the nice Workshop Very interesting for us. We are growing and it helps lots to increase our market. We are looking forward to see you soon in next Workshop.

Will World Australia (Colombia, Mexico)

Thank you for giving us such a chance to meet those high schools.

Super Wisdom International Education Services (China, Malaysia)

The first feedback about the 2 workshops was very positive. My colleague who visited the event enjoyed meeting all the different schools and I hope it will be good for our student recruitment.

Studying Down Under & Kanada (Germany)

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate. It was great being able to meet schools at one spot. Very well organised and convenient.

Bright International Education Centre (Philippines)

Thank you for the opportunity, I am sure our agency will benefit from visiting the workshop and meeting schools.

ANZ GROUP (Argentina)

Thank you so much. It is a great event and it helps us to be knowledgeable for recruiting students.

Advisory Centre for Australian Education (China)

It was wonderful to learn more about the schools in Australia

Blue Studies (Colombia, Chile)

Thanks for the event, It was great for us.

Grasshopper International (Colombia, Brazil)

Thank you. We enjoyed the meetings; and it is well organized.

Australian Education & Migration Services (China)

2010-2011 Australian Schools Workshops

Thank you so much to make us a chance to meet so many valued schools this time. We are so appreciated to set up more relationship and also make more friends through the meeting. It is a good platform for both agents and schools to recognise each other and also agents can share their information together. Quite efficient appointment system and lovely environment to stay.

Super Wisdom International Education Services

It was a great pleasure to attend the Australian Schools Workshop. The event was indeed very informative and we were able to gain contact with various schools within Australia.


Thank you the event, It was really productive and we were able to get acquainted with many schools.

Bluesky Immigration and Students Consultancy Services

Congratualtions to your great organization on the event. It was so informative and helpful. I certainly enjoyed the great opportunity you have offered in meeting with old friends and lots of new contacts. Our agent is looking forward to working with the schools in near future.

Australia Asia Student Service Centre

It was a very effective and well organized workshop and I am sure everyone there is so happy with it too.
Thanks for working hard for us and created such a good opportunity to meet together. I would like to attend other workshops too if you are going to organize them.

Jade Education Australia

Your choice of location and the hotel was great. Thank you for this opportunity.

Camps International

It was very well organized. I'm very happy with all the meetings.

Ozzie Studycare

I think to get to know the schools in person is really important so I can recommend the right schools for my students.

Language Plus

All meetings are excellent for me.

i World Education Centre

16-17 August 2018

Carey Baptist Grammar School joined in the Workshop.

Agents from China will take part in the Workshop

Agents from Vietnam will take part in the Workshop

Agents from Japan will participate in the Workshop

Agents from Brazil will participate in the Workshop

Agents from Thailand will take part in the Workshop.

Our 2018 Workshop will take part in Melbourne.

Previous Workshops feedback from schools and agents